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The Minute Takers Course

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  • Objectives
    Specific objectives include:

    * Recognise the importance of minute-taking.
    * Develop key minute-taking skills, including listening skills, critical thinking, and organization.
    * Be able to remedy many of the complaints that beset minute-takers.
    * Be able to write minutes that are suitable for formal meetings, semi-formal meetings, and action minutes.
    * Be an efficient minute-taker in any type of meeting.
    * Be able to prepare and maintain a minute book.
  • Course description
    This Minute Takers Course is great for those who need those extra skills required by minute takers. Important ways to increase note taking and effectively maintaining correct information from meetings.

    Duration: One Day: 9am - 4:30pm

    No matter who you are or what you do, whether at work or in the community, you
    are involved in meetings. Meetings are costly, even if they are held in a company
    boardroom. To ensure meetings are productive and worth the expense
    involved, three ingredients are necessary: an assurance of closure, a strong chair or
    leader, and accurate minutes. It has been said that if the minutes of a meeting are
    not accurate, then the meeting may just as well not have taken place.
    If people can’t remember or agree on what actually occurred at a meeting, how can the
    group effectively accomplish its objectives? This course will enable participants to
    understand their role as a minute taker and the best techniques for producing minutes
    that include all the essential information needed.

    Introduction and Course Overview

    You will spend the first part of the day getting to know participants and discussing what
    will take place during the course. Students will also have an opportunity to identify their
    personal learning objectives.

    The Role of a Minute Taker
    To begin, participants will discuss the role of a minute taker. They will also explore
    common problems and solutions in small groups.

    The Skills of a Minute Taker

    Next, participants will learn about the three key skills that a minute taker must have: an
    ability to listen, critical thinking skills, and good organization techniques.

    Meeting Agreements
    This session will discuss meeting agreements and give participants three templates to take away and customize.

    Styles of Minutes
    During this session, participants will look at samples of three types of minutes: formal,
    informal, and action.

    What Do I Record?

    Next, participants will learn what to record during a meeting.

    Techniques for Preparing Minutes

    This session will give participants the tools for creating minutes, including organization
    methods, techniques for writing drafts, and proofreading tips.

    Taking Minutes in an Interactive Meeting

    During this session, participants will learn how their role as a minute-taker will be
    different in an interactive meeting.

    The Minute Book
    To wrap up the day, participants will learn how to build and maintain a minute book.

    Course Wrap-Up

    At the end of the day, students will have an opportunity to ask questions and fill out an
    action plan.

    About the courses

    The workshops are a fun & entertaining learning experience. We highlight skills throughout the course and provide practical information on solving current issues and situations. By applying the information personally to each of the participants we help provide real solutions for each individual.

    The way we deliver

    We discuss with participants what they would like to obtain from each course. This way the facilitator knows exactly what information will be useful to each individual. It also means each course is custom made to suit the individuals at the course and our participants can learn more at a quicker pace without covering material that may not be required. By learning from each other within the course the participants can take real skills back to the workplace.

    This helps everyone make the most of the training. Here are some additional details on why many people choose a Paramount course.

    Why Paramount courses are better courses
         -Motivational and professional trainers
         -Lunch and refreshments provided
         -We combine entertainment with training
         -Every course is custom designed to suit the participants
         -We provide professional and useful manuals to keep as a reference

    What can you expect?
         -A fun and entertaining session
        -Useful skills you can use straight away
        -A friendly trainer with personal attention
        -A certificate for each participant that attends
        -Experienced help and assistance in the specialised training areas

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