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Event Planning Course

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  • Course description

    Purchase our home package for $525 and you can start your own event/party planner business.

    Once an enquiry has been made, we will promptly contact you either by phone or email. We take pride in being efficient and reliable.

    Who is this course be best suited for?

    *Ladies who are already planning events for friends, families or church friends and who desire to make a living out of it.
    *Anyone wanting to start up their own business from home planning parties.
    *This package is great for people who already work a fulltime job and want a career change, yet don’t have the time to study Event Planning at university but desire to gain knowledge on how to plan different events.
    *School leavers who want to work in the industry and have no qualification or learning on how to plan an event. There are a few reception venues that would be interested in employing people who are starting out in the industry.
    *Mothers who have a passion to work from home and run a business.
    *Many women have the talent to become Event/Party Planners, yet know that to run a professional business requires greater understanding. We will educate you on how to plan as a true professional.
    *Having the talent to plan is one thing, while growing your business is another. All our courses are run by professional planners who will provide all the tips on how to market a business. It can be a costly thing, especially if you have no idea on where to advertise. ‘Weddinginc’ will provide loads of tips on how to reach your potential market.

    Why would someone use an Event Planner?

    Our lives seem to get busier as the years go by despite the advancement of technology, where we are being offered more time saving devices. People choose now to outsource parts of their life that they either don’t have time for or cannot manage on their own. Businesses are using Event Planners to manage their corporate events, plan conferences and organise travel details. Couples use Wedding Planners to arrange their special day and even families are using Party Planners to organise special events in their lives.

    Event and Party Planners take the stress out of an event. They organise all the details, liaise with suppliers and ensure the event runs smoothly. With these areas under control, it allows the client to have the freedom to do what they need to, give their input where necessary and most importantly to enjoy the event.

    Would I make a good Event/Party planner?


    One of the most important qualities for an Event Planner is to be organised. Attention to detail is extremely important for one wanting to pursue this exciting career.


    Party and event planning gives you a job which screams creativity. You get to be in control of everything, from the tiny details to the huge ones. You get to be in charge! You need to be sure that you can offer the client what they are looking for. Without creativity you will struggle in this industry. Some people are born creative and others need to nurture this area. Reading interior design and craft magazines, visiting stores and researching your industry will encourage the growth of creativity in you.

    A great Event Planner is enthusiastic about developing themes and ideas for any event. Most clients will come to you having no idea on how they want their event to look. A great Event Planner will take the initiative and offer their personalised ideas as well as source suppliers who can offer their clients many options for any event.

    Do you work well with others?

    Being a people person is vital in this industry. You have a lot of interaction with people (clients), deal with suppliers, purchase hire equipment, and so on. You need to be professional, friendly and polite.

    Can I register for courses if I live outside Australia?

    Yes you can we offer our courses worldwide.

    When can I start the course?

    Our courses are all open enrolment. You can register and start the course as soon as you are ready.

     What type of functions will I be organising?

    *Children parties
    *Seminars and workshops
    *Corporate events
    *Special events

    What material do I receive with my package?

    * 1x Manual
    * 1x Event Pack- your portfolio
    * 1x CD with all necessary contracts templates - you simply add your own logo.

    Is the certificate I receive accredited?

    Our course is not accredited with a Government tertiary body however we are endorsed by and accredited with the Wedding Planning Association of Australia.
    Our goal is to make this achievable for all to become Event /Party Planners. We are the main organisation for Event/Party Planners in Australia.

    What if I don't want to start up my own business, yet want to be an Event/Party Planner?

    Not every person that attends our courses, or purchases our packages, wants to start up their own business. We train people at Community Colleges in Sydney who want to learn how to become an Event Planner, with the idea of being employed by hotels, event coordinating companies and wedding reception venues. We have trained many people who are now employed by reputable organisations.

    I am already an Event Planner but have no formal qualification. How can I benefit from this course?

    This course is helpful to people who are already running their own business as an Event Planner, but have no formal qualification. There is much detail in the material that is beneficial for enhancing an Event/Party Planning business. Most clients will want to know if you are accredited with any organisation. This is where having a 'Wedding inc' certificate will put your client at ease, knowing that you are a registered and trained Event/Party Planner with a reputable Event/Party Planning organisation.

    I am an event co-ordinator that plans weddings for reception venues. Will I get much out of this course?

    We have been approached by numerous hotels and different organisations to train their staff in Event Planning. They have found our tutorage very useful. If you want to branch out and start up your own business, you will love this course as it provides the necessary information you will need to make this transition.

    What makes our course different to others?

    1. We are based in Australia and have a very good understanding of the Australian market.

    2. We have trained many hotels in Australia and the South Pacific. We have played an active role in a few resorts in Fiji and New Zealand (Malolo Island, The Hilton Hotel, Turtle Island, Treasure Island and many more).
    We also train people from Macquarie Community College and have done so for some time. You can feel confident with the service that Weddinginc will provide.

    3. Our courses are very practical and are designed for people who want to run a business from home.  All the necessary contracts are included with all our packages.

    4. Whether you purchase the home package or come to our workshops, we offer online support once you register with the Wedding Planning Association of Australia

    5. No Exams - Why? When you purchase our event/party planner pack it will equip you and inspire you to become a professional event planner. We have a variety of packs to suit different people. This pack is for people who don’t have time to study but want the knowledge to start an Event Planner business.

    6. Starting up a business with all the details and brain storming is enough work as it is. Our goal is not to burden you with assignments, but to make sure by communicating with you and offering an online support system, that will enable you to ask as many questions as you like.

    7. We believe we have the most affordable Event/Party Planner course at $525.  You can start your business now!

    Description of the course material:

    ·        Is Event Planning for you?

    ·        Setting up your business

    ·        How does an event planner charge?

    ·        Services you can offer and plan for your clients

    ·        Your first meeting

    ·        Venues

    ·        Caterers

    ·        Entertainment

    ·        Party time

    ·        Hiring equipment

    ·        Is Event Planning for you?

    How long is the event planner course?

    When you purchase our event package, we send you out the material and when you’re finished reading it, you contact Weddinginc and make an appointment with our trained Event Planners to discuss any questions you may have in regards to the material.

    Do I receive a Certificate with my package?

    Every student receives a certificate on the day, which is accredited by our Wedding Planning association - 'Wedding inc'.
    Whether you sit the weekend course, weekday or home study course, you will receive a certificate accredited by Weddinginc.

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