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Bachelor of Commerce

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  • Objectives
    The Bachelor of Commerce prepares evidence-driven, world-ready business professionals for a wide range of service. You will study a set of broad, integrated foundation units to orient you to business, and then complete one or two majors to develop depth in your chosen commerce discipline(s).
  • Entry requirements
    Recommended Prior Knowledge:

    HSC Mathematics is assumed knowledge. Students without HSC Mathematics (or equivalent) are advised to enrol in a Mathematics or Quantitative Methods unit during their first year of study. The recommended unit is ECON131 Quantitative Methods in Economics, Business and Finance , a unit which has been specifically designed for students studying in the Faculty of Business and Economics.
  • Course description
    Key Features:

    You are encouraged to combine the Bachelor of Commerce with other degrees to form double degrees or to combine the Bachelor of Commerce with Laws for a combined degree. Double degrees give you a wonderful opportunity to study a range of discipline areas. For example, a Bachelor of Commerce (with an International Business major ) and a Bachelor of Arts (with a language major) is a passport to world business. A Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) gives you a deep insight into why we buy products. The Bachelor of Commerce is a flexible business degree to prepare you for a range of business careers. The degree is designed with a broad foundation year then an indepth study of one or two discipline major(s). Design a double degree to suit your interests.

    Suitable for:
    Students with an interest in marketing, human resources, international business, economics, econometrics, commercial law, finance and business.


    With the correct choice of subjects, graduates will meet the requirements for CPA and CA or ASIC accreditation.
    Major Employers:
    • Accounting and consulting firms
    • Large and small businesses
    • Business analyst firms
    • Financial institutions
    • Marketing and PR firms
    • Government organisations
    • Merchant bankers
    • Stockbrokers
    • Management consultancy firms
    Average Starting Salaries:
    Business graduates can expect competitive salaries that compare well to salaries within other fields. According to Graduate Careers Australia 2008 in NSW, the average graduate starting salary is:
    • Accounting: $46,000
    • Business: $45,000
    • Economics: $50,000
    • Law salary: $52,000
    Career Opportunities:
    • Accountant
    • Auditor
    • Chartered accountant
    • Financial analyst
    • Forensic accountant
    • Government accountant
    • HR manager
    • Investment manager
    • Marketing professional
    • Management consultant
    • Merchant banker
    • Business owner
    • Public practicioner
    • Policy analyst
    • Stockbroker
    • Superannuation consultant
    • Taxation consultant
    • Financial journalist
    • Teacher

    • Accounting
    • Applied Econometrics
    • Business Demographics
    • Commercial Law
    • Decision Science
    • Economics
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • International Business
    • Marketing

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