Master of Business Administration

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  • Objectives
    This program is designed to enhance the opportunities for graduates to obtain positions involving major managerial responsibilities in commerce, industry and government. Its broad aim is to provide a program which will enable its graduates to apply contemporary management and business knowledge and perspectives in an interdisciplinary manner to the dynamic environments in which they are likely to find themselves as managers.
  • Entry requirements
    To gain entry to this program, students must have: * a bachelor degree in any discipline from an Australian university or college, together with at least two years of work experience in a management capacity, or equivalent; or * an honours degree in business, management, commerce or economics from an Australian university, or equivalent; or * a CQU Graduate Diploma of Management, or equivalent.
  • Academic title
    Master of Business Administration
  • Course description

    About Business Administration

    In the fast moving business world, it is crucial for business leaders to have an understanding of all facets of a modern organisation. Managers must be prepared to address customer needs and employee issues while staying focused on the mission of the organisation.

    Our MBA program is designed for graduates wanting to work in general management and to obtain positions with major managerial responsibilities in commerce, industry and government.  It will develop knowledge and skills for graduates to apply contemporary management and business knowledge perspectives in an interdisciplinary manner in the increasingly competitive managerial environment.

    Career Opportunities

    Employment opportunities exist for graduates looking to expand into major managerial positions in industry, commerce or government, in a range of business areas and operations including organisational behaviour, economics, accounting, finance, marketing, operations management and human resources management.

    Master of Business Administration

        * 8 core courses;
        * 3 specialisation courses (from the specialisations listed for this program) chosen according to the rules for each stated specialisation; and
        * 1 elective selected from any postgraduate course selected from the University provided prerequisites have been met.

    All students graduate from the MBA with either a stated specialisation or a non-specialisation.  Students who take the option of a non-specialisation will be able to study a broader range of areas and will graduate with a 'Master of Business Administration'.  Students wishing to follow a program of study which concentrates on a specific area or field can choose from the specialisations listed (see the Courses section for more detail).

    All students will be admitted to CF65 Master of Business Administration and upon enrolment must nominate a specialisation via attaching a plan through e.rolment.

    Available specialisations within the MBA are:

        * Financial Management;
        * Human Resources Management;
        * Management Accounting; and
        * Marketing.

    8 core courses
    Course Code     Course Name
    ACCT20051     Accounting Information for Decision Making
    ECON20023     Economics for Business
    HRMT20007     Human Resource Management
    MGMT20085     Operational Analysis and Effectiveness
    MGMT20112     Strategy Development and Initiatives
    MGMT20124     People, Work & Organisations
    MGMT29002     Strategic Integration 1
    MRKT20019     Marketing Management
    plus 3 courses for ONE specialisation (as listed below)

    It is recommended that students undertake the courses MGMT20112 Strategy Development and Initiatives as late as possible in their program of study.  It is strongly recommended that students take the course MGMT29002 Strategic Integration 1 as the capstone course in their MBA program.
    MBA specialisations

    Upon completion of the requirements of this program, students enrolled in the CF65 Master of Business Administration program will graduate with one of the below specialisations or will graduate with a non-specialisation.

    Financial Management
    Course Code     Course Name
    FINC20006     Organisational Finance
    FINC20007     Financial Market Analysis
    FINC20008     International Finance

    Human Resources Management
    Any 3 courses from:
    Course Code     Course Name
    HRMT20008     HRM Strategy and Implementation
    HRMT20018     Managing the Employment Relationship
    HRMT20019     Innovation and Change
    HRMT20022     HRM in the Global Environment

    Management Accounting
    Course Code     Course Name
    ACCT20047     Strategic Cost Management
    ACCT20048     Management Accounting Systems
    COIS20024     Systems Management Overview

    Any 3 courses from:
    Course Code     Course Name
    MRKT20018     Global Marketing
    MRKT20021     Consumer and Organisational Buyer Behaviour
    MRKT20024     Integrated Marketing Communications
    MRKT20025     Market Research
    MRKT20026     Service Product Marketing
    MRKT20027     Internet and Electronic Marketing

    3 elective postgraduate courses, taken from the postgraduate courses offered by the Faculty of Business and Informatics, provided prerequisites have been met.
    1 general elective
    Any postgraduate course, selected from the University provided prerequisites have been met.

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