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Personal Development Course

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  • Objectives
    This one course will help teach participants how to:

    * Use self talk to increase ability and confidence
    * Learn about body language and how it contributes to emotion
    * Learn some tricks and tips on improving likeability
    * Present confidently and build a healthy self esteem
    * Increase communication skills
    * Improve relationship skills
    * Plus much more
  • Course description
    This Personal Development Course is great for those who want to improve in everything. This course shows individuals how to become better and even the best at what they do. Magnify your possibilities, opportunities and relationships with this course.

    Duration: One Day: 9am - 4:30pm

    Personal development is important to the growth of better performance and ability.
    When you look at increasing your skills on a personal level you find that all other areas
    including your professional skills are enhanced. This one day course will cover a range
    of life changing subjects with information on how to increase confidence, relationships
    and performance.

    The subjects included for discussion are:

    Social Skills

    -Progress from a rejected/isolated to a controversial or popular category.
    -Socially acceptable behaviour
    -Become less shy around new groups/people
    -Find out how to become a people person

    Body Language

    -Communicate up to 55% better by using body language effectively
    -Convey a confident attitude
    -Find out about body language that changes your emotion and learning ability

    Personality Plus++

    -Learn about your personality and how it affects your progress/ performance.
    -Gain understanding on how to control and benefit from your personality type. -

    Understand your main learning style (Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic)
    -Understand why you do things you do.
    -Create solutions to help with problematic personality areas.

    Time Management

    -Evaluate your time
    -Design a management schedule
    -Find out ways to prioritise and delegate
    -Increase your time performance

    Popularity Plus++

    -Increase your popularity with proven tools and ideas
    -Use Aroma and colour signals
    -Become more alert to body language and signals
    -Communication skills

    Professional Skills

    -Learn how to increase your performance
    -Increase opportunities by some simple easy to use tools
    -Increase career opportunities and success professionally

    Life Skills
    - Learn how to live a fun and exciting life
    -Control your life more and get what you want from it
    -Make a difference in others lives with the new you.

    About the courses

    The workshops are a fun & entertaining learning experience. We highlight skills throughout the course and provide practical information on solving current issues and situations. By applying the information personally to each of the participants we help provide real solutions for each individual.

    The way we deliver

    We discuss with participants what they would like to obtain from each course. This way the facilitator knows exactly what information will be useful to each individual. It also means each course is custom made to suit the individuals at the course and our participants can learn more at a quicker pace without covering material that may not be required. By learning from each other within the course the participants can take real skills back to the workplace.

    This helps everyone make the most of the training. Here are some additional details on why many people choose a Paramount course.

    Why Paramount courses are better courses
         -Motivational and professional trainers
         -Lunch and refreshments provided
         -We combine entertainment with training
         -Every course is custom designed to suit the participants
         -We provide professional and useful manuals to keep as a reference

    What can you expect?
        -A fun and entertaining session
        -Useful skills you can use straight away
        -A friendly trainer with personal attention
        -A certificate for each participant that attends
        -Experienced help and assistance in the specialised training areas

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