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Problem Solving & Decision Making Course

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  • Objectives
    This one course will help teach participants how to:

    * Increase awareness of problem solving steps and problem solving tools.
    * Distinguish root causes from symptoms to identify the right solution for the right problem.
    * Improve problem solving and decision making skills by identifying individual problem solving styles.
    * Think creatively and work towards creative solutions.
    * Recognize the top ten rules of good decision-making.
  • Course description
    This Problem Solving & Decision Making Course is great for those who want to look outside the box. This course covers all major areas of problem solving, with ways to increase productive and well thoughtout decisions.

    Duration: One Day: 9am - 4:30pm

    Why is it that some people find it easy to solve tough problems with simple solutions
    while others find this feat nearly impossible? You’ve no doubt looked at solutions to
    problems and said, “I should have thought of that.” But you didn’t. The answer is not
    just creativity, although that certainly helps. Rather, the power to find these creative
    solutions lies in our ability to search for and find facts that relate to the situation, and
    put them together in ways that work. As an individual, facts and knowledge can only go
    so far. By tapping into the knowledge of others (staff, colleagues, family, or friends),
    anyone can expand the range of solutions available. This course will help you teach
    participants how to do just that.

    Introduction and Course Overview
    You will spend the first part of the day getting to know participants and discussing what will take place during the Course. Students will also have an opportunity to
    identify their personal learning objectives.

    What is Problem Solving?

    To begin, participants will explore just what problem solving and decision making
    means. We will also look at different types of decisions, the difference between facts
    and information, and common decision making traps.

    Problem Solving Styles

    This session will explore the four types of problem solvers. Then, participants will work
    in small groups to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and how to use that
    knowledge to become better problem solvers.

    This half hour long exercise will ask participants to imagine that they are in a crisis
    situation. It will give them a framework to solve the problem and make decisions.

    The Problem Solving Model

    During this session, participants will learn about a three-phase model that they can apply to most problems. They will also have an opportunity to apply the model to two situations.

    Six Ways to Approach a Decision
    Next, participants will learn about Edward DeBono’s six thinking hats, and they will
    practice using the hats during a problem solving discussion.

    The Problem Solving Toolkit

    This session will look at eleven basic problem solving tools and two advanced tools (the
    gradients of agreement and fishbone analysis). Then, participants will apply these
    tools to a case study in a large group discussion.

    Thinking Outside the Box
    Participants will discuss ways to encourage creative thinking, including brainstorming
    and the random word method.

    Decision Making Case Study

    The afternoon will be spent working on problems with the Peerless Data Corp.
    Participants will work in small groups to solve five different problems, and will be
    rewarded based on the quality of their decisions.

    Course Wrap-Up
    At the end of the day, students will have an opportunity to ask questions and fill out an
    action plan.

    About the courses

    The workshops are a fun & entertaining learning experience. We highlight skills throughout the course and provide practical information on solving current issues and situations. By applying the information personally to each of the participants we help provide real solutions for each individual.
    The way we deliver

    We discuss with participants what they would like to obtain from each course. This way the facilitator knows exactly what information will be useful to each individual. It also means each course is custom made to suit the individuals at the course and our participants can learn more at a quicker pace without covering material that may not be required. By learning from each other within the course the participants can take real skills back to the workplace.

    This helps everyone make the most of the training. Here are some additional details on why many people choose a Paramount course.

    Why Paramount courses are better courses
         -Motivational and professional trainers
         -Lunch and refreshments provided
         -We combine entertainment with training
         -Every course is custom designed to suit the participants
         -We provide professional and useful manuals to keep as a reference

    What can you expect?
         -A fun and entertaining session
        -Useful skills you can use straight away
        -A friendly trainer with personal attention
         -A certificate for each participant that attends
        -Experienced help and assistance in the specialised training areas

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