Bachelor of Theatre (Specialisation)

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  • Objectives
    The Bachelor of Theatre (Specialisation) includes specialisations Musical Theatre (the 'triple-threat'), Drama (Actor's craft) and Dance (contemporary and classical). This program requires three years of full-time or six years of part-time study to complete. The program is unique in Queensland in that all three specialisations are offered within the same, purpose-built space. Even though there are three separate pathways through the program that can be chosen, the degree itself maintains a carefully designed cohesion and integrated structure, thereby maximising opportunities for cross-collaboration, production work and community engagement.
  • Entry requirements
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Theatre (Specialisation)
  • Course description

    Career Opportunities

    The Theatre (Specialisation) is designed for students seeking a profession in the entertainment industry as an actor, dancer, musical theatre performer or a combination of any these skill sets as a collaborative artist.  Graduates can undertake further study toward gaining professional skills as a director, choreographer, designer, technician or theatre manager.

    The degree also provides excellent pathways for careers in education, creative industries and arts administration.

    Program Structure
    To satisfy the requirements of the award, students must complete 24 courses/144 units of credit
    To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Theatre (specialisation) students must complete a total of 24 courses, 144 units of credit.  The schedule is designed for full-time students who usually enrol in 4 courese per term (24 units of credit).  Part-time students should, therefore, modify the scheule to meet their own needs - observing all pre and co-requisite requirements.

    Course Code     Course Name
    All students must complete:
    *the six compulsory Faculty/University Core:

    Level One     
    EDED11449     Principles of University Learning
    FAHE11001     Managing E-Learning

    Advanced Level
    FAHE12001     Communication in the Digital Age
    FAHE12002     Work in the 21st Century
    FAHE13001     Professional Skills
    FAHE13004     The Global Future

    The following 6 compulsory Music courses:
    MUSC11405     Language of Modern Music 1
    MUSC11406     Language of Modern Music 2
    THTR11118     Stagecraft 1
    THTR11119     Stagecraft 2
    THTR11122     Voice and Speech 1
    THTR12120     Voice and Speech 2

    The following 6 compulsory Theatre courses
    THTR11120     Theatre Studies 1
    THTR11121     Theatre Studies 2
    THTR12118     Theatre Studies 3
    THTR12119     Theatre Studies 4
    THTR13120     Theatre Studies 5
    THTR13121     Theatre Studies 6

    1 x 6 course specialisation as follows
    The Music Theatre specialisation student must additionally complete
    THTR11116     Principal Studios 1
    THTR11117     Principal Studios 2
    THTR12116     Principal Studios 3
    THTR12117     Principal Studios 4
    THTR13119     Principal Studios 6

    The Drama specialization students must additionally complete:
    THTR11114     Principal Drama Studios 1
    THTR11115     Principal Drama Studios 2
    THTR12114     Principal Drama Studios 3
    THTR12115     Principal Drama Studios 4
    THTR13116     Principal Drama Studios 5
    THTR13117     Principal Drama Studios 6

    The Dance specialization students must additionally complete:
    THTR11112     Principal Dance Studios 1
    THTR11113     Principal Dance Studios 2
    THTR12112     Principal Dance Studios 3
    THTR12113     Principal Dance Studios 4
    THTR13114     Principal Dance Studios 5
    THTR13115     Principal Dance Studios 6

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