Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques

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  • Objectives
    This qualification covers the skills and knowledge for technical assistants or similar personnel in a diverse range of workplaces conducting scientific tests/analyses.
  • Entry requirements
    There are no formal prerequisites for this qualification.
  • Academic title
    Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques
  • Course description
    Key Study Areas      

    Key study areas cover:

        * Microbiological testing
        * Chemical, instrumental and non-instrumental testing
        * Data organisation

    Where     • Bendigo (City Campus)

    Duration Options

    Duration depends on previous experience and qualifications.

    For participants who have satisfactorily completed the Certificate III of Laboratory Skills, the Certificate IV is one evening per week for 35 weeks per year. 

    Direct entry into the Certificate IV level is possible for those with skills and knowledge at least equivalent to the Certificate III qualification. The program for such people may then require extra class attendance. This is negotiated on an individual basis. It is possible to complete this qualification entirely from an appropriate workplace. 

    Selection Process     • Individual Interview

    Employment Opportunities    
    On successfully completing this course you will be eligible for employment as a technical assistant in any of a diverse range of industries.

    Further Study Options    

    Diploma of Laboratory Technology.


    You will be assessed as part of this course.

    Typical Course Content     (exact details may be obtained from the teaching centre)
    BSZ401A              Plan Assessment
    BSZ402A              Conduct Assessment
    BSZ403A              Review Assessment
    BSZ404A              Train Small Groups
    PMLCAL400A        Perform Standard Calibrations
    PMLCAL500A        Perform Non-standard Calibrations
    PMLCAL501A        Create Or Modify Calibration Procedures
    PMLCAL502A        Create Or Modify Automated Calibration Procedures
    PMLCOM300B       Communicate With Other People
    PMLCOM500B       Provide Information To Customers
    PMLDATA400A      Process And Inerpret Data
    PMLDATA500B      Analyse Data And Report Results
    PMLDATA501B      Use Laboratory Application Software
    PMLMAIN300B      Maintain The Laboratory Fit For Purpose
    PMLMAIN400A      Maintain And Control Stocks
    PMLMAIN501B      Assist In The Maintenance Of Reference Materials
    PMLMAIN502A      Maintain Instruments And Equipment
    PMLOHS301B       Work Safely With Instruments That Emit Ionising Radiation
    PMLOHS400A       Maintain Laboratory/Field Workplace Safety
    PMLORG301A       Plan And Conduct Laboratory/Field Work
    PMLORG400A       Prepare Practical Science Classes And Demonstrations
    PMLORG500B       Schedule Laboratory Work For A Small Team
    PMLQUAL400B     Contribute To The Ongoing Development Of HACCP Plans
    PMLQUAL401B     Apply Quality System And Continuous Improvement Processes
    PMLQUAL500A     Monitor The Quality Of Test Results And Data
    PMLSAMP302A     Receive And Prepare Samples For Testing
    PMLSAMP400B     Obtain Representative Samples In Accordance With Sampling Plan
    PMLSAMP401A     Prepare Mineral Samples For Analysis
    PMLTEST300B      Perform Basic Tests
    PMLTEST304B      Prepare Culture Media
    PMLTEST305B      Perform Aseptic Techniques
    PMLTEST306B      Assist With Fieldwork
    PMLTEST307B      Prepare Trial Batches For Evaluation
    PMLTEST308A      Perform Microscopic Examination
    PMLTEST310A      Prepare Trial Batches For Evaluation
    PMLTEST402B      Prepare, Standardise And Use Solutions
    PMLTEST403B      Assist With Geotechnical Site Investigations
    PMLTEST404A      Perform Chemical Tests And Procedures
    PMLTEST405A      Perform Food Test
    PMLTEST406A      Perform Physical Tests
    PMLTEST407A      Perform Biological Procedures
    PMLTEST408A      Undertake Environmental Field-based Monitoring
    PMLTEST409A      Capture And Manage Scientific Images
    PMLTEST411A      Perform Mechanical Tests
    PMLTEST501B      Perform Microbiological Tests
    PMLTEST502B      Perform Haematological Tests
    PMLTEST503B      Perform Histological Tests
    PMLTEST504B      Perform Chemical Pathology Tests
    PMLTEST505B      Conduct Sensory Analysis
    PMLTEST509B      Perform Immunohaematological Test
    PMLTEST511B      Supervise Earthworks Inspection, Sampling And Testing Operatons
    PMLTEST512A      Apply Electrophoretic Techniques
    PMLTEST513A      Apply Routine Chromatographic Techniques
    PMLTEST514A      Perform Fire Assay Techniques
    PMLTEST515A      Design And Supervise Complex Environmental Field Surveys
    PMLTEST516A      Provide Input To Production Trials
    PMLTEST517A      Perform Tissue And Cell Curlture Techniques
    PMLTEST518A      Perform Molecular Biology Tests And Procedures
    PMLTEST519A      Prepare Animal An Plant Material For Display
    PMLTEST520A      Perform Complex Tests To Measure Engineering Properties Of Materials
    PMLTEST521A      Perform Complex Tests To Measure Chemical Properties Of Material
    PMLTEST523A      Apply Complex Instrumental Techniques
    PMLTEST524A      Apply Routine Spectrometric Techniques
    PMLTEST525A      Apply Routine Electrometric Techniques
    PMLTEST526A      Perform Food Analyses

    Recognition of Prior Learning    

    Recognition of your current qualifications and prior learning: BRIT has processes to give you credit for relevant units from your prior study, and to assess your prior learning against units in a course.

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