Bachelor of Commerce (Entrepreneurship)

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  • Objectives
    Do you want to own your own business? Or would you like to be a corporate entrepreneur? Entrepreneurship studies the relationship between people and organisations. This major, which can be undertaken as part of the Bachelor of Commerce, will give you skills in management, problem solving, planning, organising and managing change. We will help you to develop your business management skills and entrepreneurial capabilities. You will study the foundations of business and take a number of units which develop your skills, knowledge and expertise in developing, managing and growing an entrepreneurial venture. This course has an applied, practical emphasis which is guided by a philosophy of teaching which emphasises interactivity, active student participation and lifelong learning. This means that you will be given the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs and to obtain real-life practical perspectives and experiences in the exciting world of entrepreneurship.
  • Entry requirements
    TEE Applicable Mathematics or Discrete Mathematics desirable.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Commerce (Entrepreneurship)
  • Course description
    Entrepreneurship Major


    This major is designed for enterprising individuals who want to start their own business, or work as internal corporate entrepreneurs. It comprises a foundation in business studies, followed by a series of units addressing subject areas central to SME operation and enterprise management. It also has an applied, practical emphasis and is guided by a philosophy of teaching which stresses interactivity, active student participation, and lifelong learning. This major produces graduates who value knowledge, business expertise, and ethical entrepreneurial practice, and who are equipped for careers in the SME field.

    Career Opportunities

    Many entrepreneurship graduates launch their own ventures and run highly successful businesses. A majority of graduates hold senior management positions in family-owned businesses or small to medium-sized enterprises.

    Course Structure                                                                     Hrs/Wk     Credit

    Year 1 Semester 2

    11013     v.2           Accounting (Managerial) 101                             3.0     25.0
    311353   v.2           Communication in Business 100                        3.0     25.0

    Year 2 Semester 1

    10852     v.3           Organisational Behaviour 200                           3.0     25.0
    11010     v.2           Law (Contract) 101                                           3.0     25.0
    11712     v.2           Small Business 200                                            3.0     25.0
    301255   v.2           Accounting (Technologies) 224                          3.0     25.0

    Year 2 Semester 2

    11018     v.4           Managing Change 300                                      3.0     25.0
    304440   v.2           Environmental Issues in Business 201              3.0     25.0
    4436       v.4           Human Resource Management
                                   (Introduction) 200                                             3.0     25.0
    6798       v.4           Taxation 301                                                     3.0     25.0

    Year 3 Semester 1

    10835     v.2           International Management 375                         3.0     25.0
    12953     v.2           Entrepreneurship 300                                        3.0     25.0
    304421   v.6           Management of Technological Innovation 302   3.0     25.0
    3522       v.7           Strategic Management 313                                4.0     25.0

    Year 3 Semester 2

    11713     v.5           Small Business 300                                             3.0     25.0
    12034     v.5           Business Capstone 301                                      3.0     25.0
    311827   v.1           Professional Practice 392                                    3.0     25.0
    3891       v.5           Facilities and Operations Management 300        3.0     25.0

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