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Master in international Management
Institution: ESADE
Method: On Campus
Type: Masters
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Master in international Management - Spain Master in international Management - Spain
Course Description:
September - December '09
The Foundations of International Management (20 ECTS)

Participants must take five core courses:

. International Business Strategy
. International Finance
. International Marketing Strategies
. Managing People Globally
. Business in Society

January '10
Personal and Professional Development (5 ECTS)

. Study Tour: Intensive weeks abroad including seminars at world-class universities forming part of ESADE's international network.

. Management skills: Seminars for developing key management skills such as leadership, teamwork and negotiation.

. Career Planning: Participants receive advice and guidance from specialists in Human Resources as well as take part in activities to bring you into contact with the business world, such as the ESADE Business Forum or institutional presentations companies make at ESADE.

February - April '10
Advanced International Management (20 ECTS)

This is the moment to customize your own academic career. You can choose from among a wide range of elective courses to select those that best meet your needs and professional interests:

. 2 International electives
. 2 Free electives

May - July '10
Research Project (15 ECTS)

The module stresses initiative and personal study. Participants can choose a theme or field which you want to research:

. An internship
. A company creation project
. A thesis
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