Master of Business Administration (Advanced)

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  • Objectives
    As part of an articulated suite of postgraduate Business Administration courses, this program aims to build upon students' undergraduate study in the field through examination of the key dimensions of business operational tasks and processes in an environment of rapid change.
  • Entry requirements
    Prerequisites 1. Bachelor degree; or 2. Professional experience in management/leadership positions and member grade status of a relevant professional organisation.
  • Academic title
    Master of Business Administration (Advanced)
  • Course description
    The course assists students to understand management processes in organisations in the private and public sectors. Students acquire a deeper knowledge of theoretical, conceptual and ethical issues applying to business processes. They are able to analyse, evaluate and justify business processes in a changing environment.

    Specialist strands in the MBA (Advanced) are available in accounting, e-commerce, information systems, international business, marketing, people management and sports management.

    The MBA (Advanced) seeks to give students the opportunity to develop these attributes to a greater depth and breadth. The extended course structure allows students to choose to study over a broad range of business administration disciplines in addition to a major specialisation, or it allows them to pursue a second specialisation.

    Specialist Strands             Brisbane         North Sydney    Melbourne
    Accounting                         not available     available     available
    E-Commerce                       not available     available     not available
    Information Systems          not available     available     not available
    International Business       available     not available     not available
    Marketing                             available        available       not available
    People Management          available            available     not available
    Sports Management           notavailable     not available     available
    Career Opportunities

        * Accounting firms
        * Advertising
        * Computer hardware and software
        * Employment relations
        * Financial management
        * Human resource management
        * International trade and investment
        * Marketing management
        * Marketing research
        * Personal investment
        * Policy administration
        * Retailing and wholesaling


    160 cp

    Minimum duration: 2 years full-time or equivalent part-time.

    Course available at:
    Brisbane, Queensland
    Melbourne, Victoria
    Sydney (North Sydney), NSW

    EFTSL value of units: All 10 cp units in this course have an EFTSL value of 0.125. Units with a cp value of a multiple of 10 have corresponding EFTSL values.

    1. Requirements for Completion of the Degree

    1.1 To qualify for the degree, a student must complete 160 cp from the Schedule of Unit Offerings, consisting of:

       1. 80 cp from Core Units; and
       2. 80 cp from Electives61, which must include 40 cp from one Specialist area.

    1.2 An applicant who has completed the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, Graduate Diploma in Business Administration or Master of Business Administration or equivalent may be granted advanced standing.

    2. Exit Points

    A student who has completed the requirements prescribed for the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, Graduate Diploma in Business Administration or Master of Business Administration may exit from the course with the relevant award.

    Schedule of Unit Offerings

    Prerequisite (Pre), co-requisite (Co) and incompatible (Inc) units are indicated in parentheses where applicable.

    Core Units
    Unit Code         Credit Points         Unit Name
    ACCT600                  10                Accounting for Decision-Making
    BAFI600                   10                Corporate Finance
    BUSO600                 10                Ethical Leadership (Inc: MGMT638 Leadership in Organisations)
    BUSO603                 10                Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility (Pre: MGMT641                                                                     Organisational Dynamics and Change Management or MGMT602                                                                     Organisational Behaviour; Inc: MGMT633 Ethics and                                                                                         Organisational Governance)
    ECON600                 10                Managerial Economics
    MGMT602                 10                Organisational Behaviour (Inc: MGMT641 Organisational Dynamics                                                                 and Change Management)
    MGMT605                 10                Strategic Management (Inc: MGMT640 Strategic Management and                                                                 Decision-Making)
    MGMT633                 10                Ethics and Organisational Governance (Inc: BUSO603 Corporate                                                                     Governance and Social Responsibility)
    MGMT638                 10                Leadership in Organisations (Inc: BUSO600 Ethical Leadership)
    MGMT640                 10                Strategic Management and Decision-Making (Pre: MGMT641                                                                             Organisational Dynamics and Change Management or MGMT602                                                                     Organisational Behaviour; Inc: MGMT605 Strategic Management)
    MGMT641                 10                Organisational Dynamics and Change Management (Inc: MGMT602                                                               Organisational Behaviour)
    MKTG600                 10                Marketing Management


    Unit Code             Credit Points             Unit Name
    ACCT601                     10                 Australian Auditing and Assurance Services (Pre: ACCT600                                                                             Accounting for Decision-Making)
    ACCT602                     10                 Accounting and Accountability (Pre: ACCT600 Accounting for                                                                             Decision-Making)
    ACCT603                     10                 Accounting for Corporate Structures (Pre: ACCT600 Accounting                                                                     for Decision-Making)
    ACCT604                     10                 Strategic Managerial Accounting (Pre: ACCT600 Accounting for                                                                         Decision-Making)
    ACCT605                     10                 Strategic Resource Management (Pre: ACCT604 Strategic                                                                                 Managerial Accounting)
    BAFI602                      10                 Financial Analysis and Business Valuation (Pre: BAFI600                                                                                 Corporate Finance)
    BUSO605                    30                 Research Project (Pre: MGMT617 Research Methods)
    LEGL601                     10                 Commercial and Corporations Law
    LEGL602                     10                 Taxation Law (Pre: LEGL601 Commercial and Corporations Law)
    MGMT617                    10                 Research Methods

    Unit Code             Credit Points                 Unit Name
    INFO601                     10                 Applied Data Communications
    INFO603                     10                 Database Systems
    INFO605                     10                 Electronic Commerce
    INFO617                     10                 Web Technologies
    INFO618                     10                 Portable Applications and Network Programming

    Information Systems
    Unit Code                 Credit Points                 Unit Name
    INFO602                     10                 Current Issues in Information Systems
    INFO604                     10                 Distributed Systems
    INFO607                     10                 Information Management
    INFO608                     10                 Information Systems and the Law
    INFO609                     10                 Information Systems Security
    INFO610                     10                 Management of Organisational Change
    INFO612                     10                 Software Design
    INFO613                     10                 Systems Development Methodologies
    INFO616                     10                 Human Factors in Information Systems
    MGMT635                    10                 Management of Resources: Information

    International Business
    Unit Code                 Credit Points                 Unit Name
    BAFI601                     10                 International Finance (Pre: BAFI600 Corporate Finance)
    BUSO601                   10                 Entrepreneurship (Pre: 40 cp including MKTG600 Marketing                                                                            Management; Inc: MGMT629 Small Business Management)
    BUSO602                   10                 Comparative Business Cultures
    BUSO604                   10                 Special Study (International Business)
    LEGL600                    10                 Comparative Regulatory Frameworks
    MGMT629                   10                 Small Business Management (Inc: BUSO601 Entrepreneurship)
    MGMT630                   10                 International Political Economy
    MKTG602                   10                  International Marketing (Pre: MKTG600 Marketing Management)
    PERS600                    10                 International Human Resource Management

    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    MKTG601     10     Corporate Marketing (Pre: MKTG600 Marketing Management)
    MKTG602     10     International Marketing (Pre: MKTG600 Marketing Management)
    MKTG603     10     Marketing Research (Pre: MKTG600 Marketing Management)
    MKTG604     10     International Consumer Behaviour (MKTG600 Marketing Management)
    MKTG605     10     Marketing Communication (Pre: MKTG600 Marketing Management)
    MKTG606     10     Strategic Marketing (Pre: MKTG600 Marketing Management)
    MKTG607     10     Internet Marketing (Pre: MKTG600 Marketing Management)
    MKTG608     10     Services Marketing

    People Management
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    MGMT601     10     Strategic Human Resource Management
    MGMT621     10     Management of Change
    MGMT622     10     Quality Management
    MGMT626     10     Contemporary Management Issues
    MGMT627     10     Project Management
    MGMT628     10     Public Sector Management
    MGMT631     10     Employment Relations (Inc: PERS601 Workplace Relations)
    MGMT632     10     Spirituality in the Workplace
    MGMT634     10     Management of Resources: People
    MGMT636     10     Problem-solving for Managers
    MGMT637     10     Knowledge Management
    PERS600      10     International Human Resource Management
    PERS601      10     Workplace Relations (Inc: MGMT631 Employment Relations)
    PERS602      10     Managing Diversity

    Sports Management
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EXSC660     10     Policy Development in Sport
    EXSC661     10     Sport Law and the Regulatory Environment
    EXSC662     10     Sport in the Global Economy
    EXSC663     10     Sports Marketing and Communication (Pre: MKTG600 Marketing Management)
    EXSC664     10     Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management in Sport and Exercise (Pre:                                             MGMT640 Strategic Management and Decision-Making)
    EXSC665     10     Facility and Event Management for Sport and Exercise
    EXSC666     10     Athlete and Player Management
    EXSC667     10     Sport, Culture and Politics

    61 A student may undertake up to 20 cp in electives from other Master’s level degrees (subject to campus availability, unit limitations and provided that prerequisite and co-requisite requirements are met).

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