Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Course: Merchants® - Online

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  • Course description
    Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Course: Merchants®

    The Negotiations and Conflict Resolution Course teaches, improves and increases negotiation, communication and conflict resolution skills of players during a unique learning experience of over 12 hours. Merchants® combines a complete theoretical course, a virtual simulator and an exciting adventure in videogame format in which the player can see, practice and learn negotiation skills.

    The student becomes Carlo Vecchio, a young merchant of Venice whose challenge is to establish itself as the largest employer in the city while he improves his communication and negotiating skills. A learning which is conducted through practice and feedback received from historical figures like Leonardo Da Vinci and Machiavelli.

    You'll feel like you are negotiating in real life, while you receive continuous and personalized feedback.

    Additional Information:

    • The course lasts approximately 12 hours. 

    Intended audience:

    Merchants® has already trained thousands of people from nearly 500 companies around the world. 99% of them recommend the game and consider that the advice and techniques they learned can be applied to real life. Students rated the course with a 9.8 out of 10.

    Develop new skills . Courses-video games from Gamelearn are equivalent to a in-class course training and they stand out due to their effective gamified learning methodology and high quality.  You will learn new skills that are increasingly demanded in the market.

    Some testimonials:    

    "Fun and motivating. More efficient than an in-class training course."

    Florent Carrière / Country Manager Alain Afflelou

    "It teaches you how to use magic variables and also how to plan the negotiations. I loved the negotiation with Machiavelli!"

    Yolanda Huerga / HR Director at Philips


    Course: General
    • A virtual mentor who offers master lessons conveying key instructive points
    • Several readings to complement the mentor lessons
    • Six negotiating cases conveying critical negotiation tips and techniques

    Course Section I: Understanding

    Case: Resolve a client confl ict
    • The fundamentals of a negotiation
    • Keys to building trust
    • How to avoid common mistakes

    Course Section II: Information and Interests

    Case: Negotiate a sensitive political agreement
    • Strategies to obtain information
    • Determining objectives and clarifying interests

    Course Section III: Flexibility

    Case: Secure a business loan
    • Focusing on interests vs positions
    • Introducing “magic” variables to increase the size of the pie

    Course Section IV: Criteria and Procedures

    Case: Negotiate a joint venture
    • How to use anchor points that satisfy your interests
    • Managing variables during the bargaining phase
    • 6 essential rules to concessions
    • Employing objective criteria and procedures

    Course Section V: Communication

    Case: Negotiation between sovereign nations
    • Checklist to prepare for your negotiation
    • Keys to communicating and presenting your proposal

    Course Section VI: Review

    Case: Hire a highly regarded manager
    • Extensive review and application of all you have learned


    Special offer. 20% discount. €160


    There are no requirements, only an internet connection is needed. To train yourself with our serious games you don’t need any skills in the use of video games. In fact, only 2% of our more than 50,000 students are familiar with video games, and the remaining 98% has not only found the experience to be easy, but it has been much more interesting and challenging than any e-learning course.


    What will employees learn from this course?
    • Build trust and create long-term successful alliances
    • Understand the other party ’ s interests
    • Avoid negotiating traps
    • Techniques to increase your negotiating power
    • Change competitive negotiations into collaborations
    • Tools to increase the size of the pie
    • Keys on how to prepare and communicate so your proposals have greater impact

    Negotiation, conflict resolution, management skills, management skills, communication, assertiveness.

    Available in Spanish, English, German, French and Portuguese

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